Hi, my name is

Rafael Conde

I design and make apps and stuff


I started the year of 2023 by joining the Product Design team at Sketch, an app that has meant so much for me both personally and professionally.

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Side Project
Hand Mirror

A Mac app that lives in your menu bar, and when you click on it you get a view from your camera.

Built this in a weekend back in 2020 and it has been a dream side project for me ever since — a small macOS app that people seem to enjoy and it has gotten several App Store features and writing about by The Verge, MacStories, 9to5Mac and others.

I hope it would make my 17 year old self proud!

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Side Project

A Mac app that lets you set custom Dock settings for when on different displays.

I wanted to have my Dock visible when connected to my large external display, but hidden and smaller when on my laptop, I couldn't believe that there was no way to do that so I built this.

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I got to scratch "work with friends" off my bucket list when I joined Sam Soffes and Bryn Jackson as their Founding Designer at Along.
The goal was to build the best platform for creators to produce amazing content, engage their community, and make a living.


I joined Netlify in 2016 as their first designer and was responsible for designing and scaling our app's UI for the next 5 years.

I’ve also led the 2018's marketing and brand redesign, and helped hire and grow our incredible Product Design team.

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Side Project
Booby Track

Convenient and fun way to keep track of your breastfeeds,
on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

A couple of weeks after our son was born, my partner asked if I could write an app for her to keep track of which boob did she feed our baby with last, and at what time. This is that app.

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Side Project

Your portable soundboard, right on your Apple Watch, for free!

I think sound effects make life 7% funnier, so I've built a soundboard for your Apple Watch with a Spider-Man Web Shooter mode.

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Made by


Special thanks

Débora Ribeiro
Ryan McLeod
Kevin Clark
Laura Conde

Web sounds by

The Blast

Sound effects

All sounds were recorded by Rafa and/or royalty free

Made why

Thought it would be fun

Yeah but like, why call it 'thwip'?

It's the sound that Spider-People's web-shooters make

What? Webshooters?

This app was originally just a one button thing and you would strap your watch to the palm of your hand and make 'Spider-People' noises

No further questions

Ok, thanks so much for downloading this app. I have exciting plans for future updates, follow @rafahari or @thwipapp on Twitter to be on top of them ✨

The sound is coming from my headphones.

Swipe from the bottom to bring up Control Center, tap the AirPlay icon and make sure 'Speaker' is selected.

Why is the 'spider web' button bigger than the others? Is this a bug?

Hey I see what you did there, but spiders aren't actually bugs. The button is bigger so that it's easier to hit if you're, let's see, using it to pretend you're one of your favorite super-heroes.

Picture of an Apple Watch strapped to the palm of your hand, making the webshooting hand pose like Spider-Man, whilst tapping on the button to make it fire up the sound effect — it's fun

Excuse me, I demand to speak with the manager!

Feel free to send me an email at rafahari@gmail.com or tweet at me @rafahari — be nice.


Layout was a podcast about design, technology, and everything else.

For almost 8 years, my friend Kevin Clark and I recorded 364 episodes of what became the most fulfilling and special side project I've ever done.

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Side Project
Break this Safe

An Apple Watch game in which you take advantage of the Digital Crown and haptic feedback to break into a safe.

No longer available to download, as a certain version of watchOS introduced some fatal bugs and I haven't had the time to invest back in it.

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In a previous life

I used to do some things that I am not really doing anymore

  • Frames

    An iOS utility app to save and mirror your Framer prototypes.

  • SketchCasts

    A weekly video tutorial on Sketch.

  • Writing

    I had the honor of being published on netMagazine and Offscreen.

  • How Being a Developer Makes Me a Better Designer

    Transcript of a talk I used to give.

  • The Rise of the JAMstack (DJ set)

    Transcript of another talk I used to give.

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This website definitely does not represent the front-end skills of Rafael Conde, this is his personal web standards' rebellion — open sourced.

If you're desperately looking for that blog post on how I hacked my pet feeder to work with Siri/Home… fine, here it is.

… and if you're looking for 6K P3 Remastered Mac OS X wallpapers, here.

… and if you're looking for a simple tool to test macOS Materials, here.